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5 Guards Against Professional Skills Training that Seems Generic

As long as people work with one another, professional skills will be essential. No matter how great one’s technical knowledge, the ability to interact with others is critical to overall success. Job-specific knowledge from every book, article and course has limited value to the individual if there’s difficulty sharing the knowledge in team situations. Technical…

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Thematic focus on ‘Apprenticeship-type schemes and work-based learning structured programmes’

The economic crisis has hit young people particularly hard and more young people face increasing difficulties in setting their foothold into the labour market. Against this context, there is a broad consensus today among policy-makers, social partners and experts that apprenticeship-type programmes can be an efficient solution to some of the present labour market imbalances…

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Three Leadership Strategies for Winning Hearts and Minds

Most organizations have an impressive catalog of leadership training offerings, but strong leadership in today’s market is about getting real — engaging with employees and demonstrating authentic leadership. A lot of organizations are realizing that this can make the difference between employee compliance and commitment and has a direct impact on employee performance and churn.…

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Engaging the Workforce via Knowledge and Application

Workforce development has evolved from quick verbal conversations wedged between production downtimes into mature programs over the last several decades. These programs incorporate custom, industry-specific content, adult learning sciences and interactive technology to engage the learners. Comprehension is measured and documented in ways that meet the criteria of customers, auditors and regulators alike. Today’s robust…


The Manager’s Communication Toolbox

The Manager’s Communication Toolbox focuses on management development by improving communication for new managers as well as more experienced professionals. Like a star baseball player, every good manager should aim to be a five-tool expert. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking are basic skills for any employee, but the manager who stands out is the manager…


A successful first step towards European partnerships on apprenticeship

Apprenticeships and similar work-based schemes have proven to make it easier for young people to move from education to work. But not all countries have highly-developed apprenticeship schemes, and many wish to benefit from others’ experience. A Cedefop event on 7 and 8 May helped to pave the way towards new partnerships for apprenticeship between…