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Developing Effective Innovation Trainers

Exceptional innovation trainers can propel an organization toward breakthrough innovations. They teach teams how to culture-shift, push beyond creative blocks, and streamline the innovation process. The best ones are also engaging storytellers who have firsthand experience with innovation. But how can you discern an expert trainer from a master of hype before investing in a…

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Invest in more good quality and innovative job

‘Europe’s true problem is not one of a deficit of skills, but primarily a deficit of creation of good quality jobs,’ Cedefop Director James Calleja told the European Parliament of Enterprises on 16 October in Brussels. In his statement on skills mismatch and youth unemployment, Mr Calleja said that most of Europe’s unemployment is cyclical,…

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The Spanish training system: a qualitative analysis

1. Conceptual framework 1.1. The state vocational training system in Spain 1.2.  Assessing CVT: a definition and conceptual model 1.3. Training Transfer Assessment 1.4. Training Impact Assessment 2. Methodology 2.1. Procedure 2.2. Sample 2.3. Instruments i. Discussion groupsii. In-depth interviewsiii. Delphi Panel 2.4. Data analysis3. Results4. ConclusionsAnnexReferences     1. Conceptual framework   1.1. The…


More country apprenticeship reviews to be conducted by Cedefop in 2015

‘With our limited resources we will try to come closer to the Member States and work with them to push vocational education and training (VET) reform further,’ Cedefop Director James Calleja told the first validation workshop of the agency’s review of Lithuania’s and Malta’s apprenticeship systems. The workshop, held in Thessaloniki on 8 and 9…


New European adult learning platform goes into production

New European adult learning platform goes into production EPALE, the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, a new initiative funded by the European Commission is the latest development in the EU’s long-term commitment to promoting high quality adult learning in Europe. The platform  will be open to teachers, trainers and volunteers, as well as policy-makers, researchers…


Facilitation Skills Training

Facilitation Skills Training By Donald V. McCain, Deborah D. Tobey Facilitation skills are critical for today’s successful business leaders, managers, and learning professionals. Do your key leaders and managers have the skills needed to be great facilitators? This book is your all-in-one train-the-trainer resource to help guide development of one and two-day instructor-led courses in this…


Knowledge, Skills and Competence in the European Labour Market

Description For the free movement of labour across the European Union, establishing transparency and comparability of qualifications across member states is vital. This book examines how qualifications, knowledge, skills and competences are understood in different national contexts and trans-nationally and reveals a complex picture of differences and similarities both within and between countries. Against the…