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Image_Keynote Speaking_HOBETUZMy organization delivered 10 recommendations to the European Commission. Hobetuz thinks that continuous training is a crucial element for competitiveness and SMEs face internal and external barriers in current economic and social context. We highligthed that Lifelong learning and Continuous Vocational Training (CVT) is a key element in a new and global HR approach. Marianne Thyssen, Employment Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Commissioner welcomed us in this meeting. We have a labour market that is not functioning excellently. We highlighted that the labour market is not functioning excellently. There is a high proportion of unemployed without qualified skills and high proportion of studentds that leave the school early. One of the problems is that there are many unemployed people but also many unfilled vacancies. It’s not only a matter of having good public employment services. It’s also a matter of skills. Do people have the right ones? We know that we need more skills for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professions. If we look at the unemployment figures, we see that the worst situation is that of the lowest skilled. Vocational and other training is a very important tool for employment and social policy because if we can train people in an apprenticeship, in a traineeship, in vocational training when they are still young, they will have a lot more chance to succeed on the labour market. So, as Hobetuz, we insisted on putting efforts into financing and promoting companies, above all, SMEs due to they have more internal and external barriers in the current social and economic context. In adittion, we have to stress that the promotion issue is remarkably significant and that is why all the stakeholders; public administration, training providers, employers, trade unions,…should be involved. It is needed to streanmline the system.

10 recommendations by the partnership

1. To finance our social security system (including pension schemes) we need to keep 50+ workers in the labor market as long as possible.
2. Therefore, we need a different view of the whole career and the role of learning and training during the professional career. To tackle the challenge and use the opportunity of 50+ workers we should not focus merely on 50+ people, but we need a global HR approach.
3. Lifelong learning and Continuous Vocation Training (CVT) is a key element in that new and global HR approach.
4. Because of the fact that 99% of European businesses are SMEs our approach should be SME-friendly. Possible solutions therefore must be cost effective and should not create red tape.
5. The trump cards of older employees should be talked about and promoted on a greater scale in our society. The employability of 50+ workers must be focused in our labor market. We must look after a specific roll for 50+ so that their added value can be optimized in our companies.
6. Formal and informal training are at least as important as formal training. They are practical and match the needs of SMEs.Short and specific training modules, training in the workplace should be promoted because they give immediate results .
7. For this reason non-formal and informal training outcomes should be professionalized professionally validated and recognized. Europe should also explore the possibilities of validating training schemes and training institutions that guarantee a high professional level of service.
8. Ideally, formal and informal training is proceeded with a personal development plan and training needs assessment’. In that way, individual talents and the personal drivers of an employee can be taken into account in developing their lifelong learning path.
9. The HOBETUZ partners recommend schemes such as mentorship programs, skill pooling and training vouchers to the European Commission. They hope that appropriate European institutions can examine these opportunities so that next steps and projects can be worked out in cooperation between them. .
Partners want to continue working on topics such as employability of 50+ workers and CVT in SMEs.

    • I have had a chance to work with Javier in an international project "Continuing Training Management models updating compatible with current economic and social context: SMEs continuing training. Discussion and case studies from across the EU". He put his heart and soul into the project. His enthusiasm made others give the best of them. He is an excellent organizer, great communicator, a highly professional expert in his field and a warm and helpful colleague. I really hope to get another chance to work with Javier.
      Justyna Hadyniak
      Pracodawcy (Employers of Poland) Project Manager
    • I am managing an SME-organization in Belgium. We worked together with HOBETUZ and Javier on a European Project on behalf of Continuing Vocational training. Javier is one of these guys you can always rely on: well-prepared, structured and punctual. Thanks to the support of Javier we managed to present our conclusions in a White Paper on Continuous Vocational Training and present it personally to Marianne Thyssen, the European Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility.
      foto luc
      Luc Ardies
      UNIZO Director Retail Department
    • Dear Javier, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to cooperate with you on project "Continuing Training Management models updating comaptible with current economic and social context: SMEs continuing training. Discussion and case studies from across the EU". Your professionalism, always positive attitude, vocational and human relationship to all partners is an inspiration to me. I believe that I will have the opportunity to work with you more.
      Martin Kostolný
      Senior Consultant
    • Congratulations, Javier. Your website is smart, well-structured, restrained (with a touch of mild sophistication)... The layout is quite clear and intuitive and the contents varied, full of nuances like life itself, but coherently displayed... Take all this and mix it up with a touch of warm closeness... Here you have, Javi: your website is almost  like you!
      Esther Elexgaray
      Esther Elexgaray
      VET Trainer
    • I met Javier many years ago during a CIPD Conference in Great Britain and we started working together to implement the International Project on \"Diversity in the Workplace\". At that time Javier as Vice President of ETDF - - was the leader of an international stearing committee and was able to produce a very high quality material that is still, and even more now, valuable due the present economic and social situation. I would very much like to continue and develop this research, creating a new working group. He is very enthusiastic and perseverant in aiming and realizeng his objectives.Above all, is a very good friend. Good wishes from Milan, hoping that you, Javier, and all the colleague that congratulate you and appreciate this new website of yours.
      elio vera
      Elio Vera
      Founder Partner & President. CESMA Centre for Executive Studies in Management & Administration
    • He trabajado con Javier en la Planificación de Consultoría y Formación Orientada a proyecto final.  Su calidad como consultor y como personaje ha facilitado enormemente la consecución de los objetivos fijados.  Sin duda, uno del de los profesionales cualificados más con los que he tenido el placer de coincidir.
      Iñaki Caceres
      Iñaki Cáceres
      Director de Formación y Consultoría en Ipartek Servicios Informáticos
    • He tenido la suerte de trabajar y compartir experiencias con Javier, Lo que me ha permitido conocer de cerca su trayectoria profesional y personal.  Para mi ha sido muy inspirador su profesionalidad, do inquietud mejorar, su dinamismo y Su pasión por lo que hace.  Pero además de ésto, en su faceta de humana, su empatía, lo que hace de el alguien muy especial, alguien del que aprender cada dia.
      Mariana Ruíz Golvano
      Relaciones Socios Innobasque
    • Javier es un gran profesional, he tenido el placer de trabajar con él y es una persona metódica, perfeccionista, comprometida con lo que hace y que siempre tiene un mensaje de positividad.  
      Jorge Edwards
      Graphic Designer
    • “Hace más de diez años que conozco a Javier y hemos trabajado juntos en la Asociación Aedipe en proyectos relacionados con la formación y el desarrollo. Su entusiasmo, pasión, capacidad de trabajo y visión transnacional supone una sólida base para la puesta en marcha de este proyecto. Conociendo su competencia profesional apuesto decididamente por el éxito que en estos momentos es una necesidad en nuestro País.”
      Anotnio Barba
      Antonio Barba
      Director de Personas y Oganización, Detea
    • Conozco a Javier desde hace algunos años, (ya décadas) y he tenido la oportunidad de seguir su evolución profesional. Hemos coincidido por nuestra actividad en diferentes foros y Javier ha demostrado siempre una gran seriedad en el trabajo, rigurosidad y compromiso. Muy implicado con su trabajo, ha mostrado siempre interés en conocer y aprender de otras realidades, proyectando siempre empatía y mostrandose facilitador ante los obstáculos
      Isabel Urbano
      Isabel Urbano
      Dirección de proyectos de Marketing e Innovación en INNDIKO,S.L.
    • Javier es un gran profesional con una notable inquietud por avanzar y mejorar, manteniendo siempre la perspectiva y la cercanía personal. Su trayectoria profesional sólo se ve superada por sus valores humanos. A mi juicio combina perfectamente el foco profesional con la empatía humana. Javieres hay más, Javier Armaolea sólo hay uno. Te animo a que lo confirmes.
      Jorge del Arco
      Jorge Garcia Del Arco
    • Javier es un profesional orientado a la mejora continua, preocupado por la adopción de nuevos conocimientos y siempre orientado a resultados. Como persona es una de las más empáticas y sociables que conozco. Cualquier proyecto, incluya instituciones públicas, empresa privada o asociaciones, que le sea asignado lo desarrollará con eficacia y pragmatismo en el mejor ambiente para su equipo.
      David Ruiz
      Founder of Smartup, Todostartups & partner at & Fishermanmedia. I-strategy lecturer & author of The Connected Enterprise