Microlearning: Less About Time, More About Focus

  How can you learn anything in 60-seconds? This is the most commonly asked question about microlearning and its training value in today’s workforce. In a broad sense, microlearning is successful in many of the same ways traditional learning has proven effective. Microlearning does not disregard good learning design principles, but instead determines the tasks…


International dialogue between research and practice

Competences for vocational education and training that is fit for the future International dialogue: Participation in an international conference staged in conjunction with the 2015 WorldSkills in São Paulo afforded Professor Reinhold Weiß from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training an opportunity to conduct discussions on strategic international cooperation agreements and on the…

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5 Guards Against Professional Skills Training that Seems Generic

As long as people work with one another, professional skills will be essential. No matter how great one’s technical knowledge, the ability to interact with others is critical to overall success. Job-specific knowledge from every book, article and course has limited value to the individual if there’s difficulty sharing the knowledge in team situations. Technical…

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Thematic focus on ‘Apprenticeship-type schemes and work-based learning structured programmes’

The economic crisis has hit young people particularly hard and more young people face increasing difficulties in setting their foothold into the labour market. Against this context, there is a broad consensus today among policy-makers, social partners and experts that apprenticeship-type programmes can be an efficient solution to some of the present labour market imbalances…