When Training Helps the Company, But Not Employees

Author: By Margery Weinstein Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of Walmart. It’s not best to begin with a negative sentiment, but I wanted to provide the disclaimer that when I saw an article on Walmart’s employee training program in The New York Times, I was already primed not to be impressed. I appreciate…


Sharpening Soft Skills With Situational Learning

Article Author: By Roy Saunderson, Chief Learning Officer, Rideau Recognition Solutions Getting along well with others and having good interpersonal skills requires a high level of emotional intelligence. Soft skills such as good communication abilities, dealing with interpersonal conflict, and self-promotion skills do not come naturally to everyone, but they are vital in the workplace.…


Can you really facilitate a group in the virtual classroom?

Whilst there’s no denying that face to face instructor led training is a great methodology for delivering the right kind of training, there are increasing challenges with budget, climate issues and time that mean use of digital tools to help learning is a must. The Virtual Classroom has different names – perhaps or live online…


Conference/peer learning activity on the impact of NQFs

Do national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) make a difference – how to measure and evaluate impact of NQFs? NQF developments in Europe have been rapid.  Latest developments attest to the growing attention qualifications frameworks have been receiving from policy-makers and practitioners. The purpose of the event is to stimulate an open and critical reflection on the…


Cedefop policy learning forum (PLF) on apprenticeships

The first policy learning forum (PLF) on apprenticeships is linked to the thematic country reviews on apprenticeships (TCRs), which Cedefop launched in 2014. With develop quality apprenticeships, in line with EU policies. To date there have been three rounds of TCRs: the first round included Malta and Lithuania, and was concluded in 2015; the second…


Upskilling Pathways – New opportunities for adults

Close to 70 million Europeans struggle with basic reading and writing calculation using digital tools in everyday life Without these skills they are at higher risk of unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. In June 2016, the Commission proposed the setting up of a »Skills Guarantee» to address this challenge. The resulting initiative, now called «Upskilling…