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Basque Country skills level

Some days ago, I have just been woken up into the fact that there are an amount of Educational institutions enhancing their educational estructures so as to provide the highest quality of education. As an example,the goal of the current Government of Finland is to make Finland the most competent country in the world by 2020.…

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Basque Country´s CVT Social Partners Meeting

Last weekend I got across The implementation of CVT in the meeting held in Bilbao with Basque Country Social Partners Mikel Burzako Samper- Director of Coordination- Presidency of Basque Government Director de Coordinación-Presidencia-Gobierno Vasco. Arantza García- Secretary for Training of Trade Union Confederation of Workers’ Commissions in BAC (Basque Autonomous Community)-Secretaría de Formación CCOO-Euskadi Felipe García-Responsible…

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Meeting in Bilbao among HOBETUZ and European business organizations

We were very pleased to give a very warm welcome to  Project partners and board of  HOBETUZ patrons. The third meeting of Ldv Partnership project that Hobetuz is involved together with the accompanied partnersmeeting will be held in HOBETUZ headquarters. HOBETUZ  (The Basque Foundation for Continuous Professional Training.) A tripartite entity among Basque Government, entrepreneurs…



Lean philosophy centers on the elimination of waste in all forms in the workplace. Specific lean methods include just-in-time inventory management, Kanban scheduling systems, 5S workplace organization, Scrum and other «agile» software development methodologies. Many of these concepts and systems were pioneered by automobile manufacturer Toyota dating back to the 1940s and were subsequently adopted…

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«Sector Skills Alliances – Meeting skills needs through vocational education and training (VET) reform»

I will have the opportunity to participate in an interesting, exciting and stimulating conference named specifically «Sector Skills Alliances – Meeting skills needs through vocational education and training (VET) reform». It will be held on 15th of April, Brussels. But indeed, WHAT ARE THE AIMS OF A SECTOR SKILLS ALLIANCE?  Sector Skills Alliances shall aim…


CVT debate in companies

We know that general training forms of CVT are characterised by: • a pre-arranged location; • a classroom or training centre; • internal or external provision, either by teachers from within the company or by those from another institute. Other forms of CVT fall into five categories: • training in the workplace or on-the-job training;…

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Which are the skills, competences that are most urgently needed in the workplace today?

Employers often feel workforce readiness deficiencies as talent shortages, particularly when it comes to locating candidates with the necessary skills. Employers have not clearly stated the skills and capabilities they desire, and the Spanish educational system is not producing the quantity and quality of graduates needed. Understanding what employers need is imperative for making useful recommendations for changes to…

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Validation of informal skills competences

Last month, I participated also in a workshop, called validation of informal skills and competence that took place In PracodawcyPR, Employers of Poland, Warsaw, too. Everybody knows that today’s learning opportunities are limitless, borderless and Instantaneous. Individuals learn and acquire new skills and competences not only in the traditional setting of the classroom (formal learning)…