My name is Javier, I am Training & Development Professional for many years. My educational background revolve around training.

I acquired bachelor’s degree in University of Deusto as the usual first step to becoming a training and development professional concentrating in training and development, organizational development and human resources management as smart picks.

An interdisciplinary background works well in this field and I specialized in social sciences, behavioral sciences and business administration as good choices.

To reach top level knowledge in Training, I am masters degree in Human Resources Management in University o Basque Country and Master degree in HR with a concentration in training management in University of Leicester.

Without any doubt, in this field, experience is a key for advancement. Working in many companies I achieved strong interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Training and development opportunities can help employees improve skills, which can improve their job satisfaction, lower job turnover and increase productivity and morale.

I noticed that workforce becomes more diverse, with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, education levels and experience. That is why skills to communicate effectively was a must to become a Training & Development professional. I received executive training and management of cultural diversity in the Cornell University-New Cork (USA). Later, I was involved in many European Projects related to diversity management working in parallel as writer and speaker in many cities around Europe.

I was also Basque Country Human Resources Association President and ETDF-FEFD (European Training & Development Federation) Vicepresident.

This website is about sharing what I’m learning from working and studying and to also learn from others in this field.

Currently, I serve to HOBETUZ -the Basque Country Foundation for VET- (Spain), an entity created among Business Organizations, Trade Unions and Employment and Education Department of Basque Country Government. At present, the institution finances VET for employment (continuing and occupational training) either formal learning, named learning offer of certificates of professional standards as official learning, and non -formal learning. The certificates of formal learning aim to obtain professional qualifications of the National Qualifications Catalogue.

The aim of this site is to communicate, collaborate and share information among all Training & Development professionals adding value with intercultural and diversity issues. Post links to other sites or services, and promote Training & Development. With great messages to share I´d try to deliver my inspirational message to the most experts involved in training.

It will be a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you.