When Training Helps the Company, But Not Employees

Author: By Margery Weinstein Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of Walmart. It’s not best to begin with a negative sentiment, but I wanted to provide the disclaimer that when I saw an article on Walmart’s employee training program in The New York Times, I was already primed not to be impressed. I appreciate…


Sharpening Soft Skills With Situational Learning

Article Author: By Roy Saunderson, Chief Learning Officer, Rideau Recognition Solutions Getting along well with others and having good interpersonal skills requires a high level of emotional intelligence. Soft skills such as good communication abilities, dealing with interpersonal conflict, and self-promotion skills do not come naturally to everyone, but they are vital in the workplace.…


Can you really facilitate a group in the virtual classroom?

Whilst there’s no denying that face to face instructor led training is a great methodology for delivering the right kind of training, there are increasing challenges with budget, climate issues and time that mean use of digital tools to help learning is a must. The Virtual Classroom has different names – perhaps or live online…