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Replacing the Employee Performance Review via Gamification

Traditional employee performance reviews, full of hindsight assessments and assumptions, are often a waste of time. The secret to extracting productive performance metrics is to engage employees and conducting reviews constantly. Unfortunately, most employers aren’t willing to make employee engagement a priority. With 70 percent of U.S. workers reporting that they are unengaged at work,…

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Developing Effective Innovation Trainers

Exceptional innovation trainers can propel an organization toward breakthrough innovations. They teach teams how to culture-shift, push beyond creative blocks, and streamline the innovation process. The best ones are also engaging storytellers who have firsthand experience with innovation. But how can you discern an expert trainer from a master of hype before investing in a…

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Valuing diversity: guidance for labour market integration of migrants

Arguing for guidance to ease the integration of third country immigrants into the European labour market may seem untimely given today’s high youth unemployment, but anticipating future developments and informing policy-makers are one of Cedefop’s main tasks.  Although labour demand will continue to be weak in the coming years, Cedefop’s skill forecasts point to another…

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Invest in more good quality and innovative job

‘Europe’s true problem is not one of a deficit of skills, but primarily a deficit of creation of good quality jobs,’ Cedefop Director James Calleja told the European Parliament of Enterprises on 16 October in Brussels. In his statement on skills mismatch and youth unemployment, Mr Calleja said that most of Europe’s unemployment is cyclical,…